How it works


Together we can create a bond between today’s youth and the people who gave their lives to war

In cooperation with schools, we’re asking pupils aged 11 – 13 to research the life of a soldier who took part in a war.

Students will visit their local memorial and choose a name. They will then collect as many facts, photos and testimonies about that person and post them on Foreverhere website. The aim is to recreate the story of these unsung heroes before their name falls into oblivion. Teachers and the team at Foreverhere will be on hand to assist pupils in their research.

Foreverhere protects and safeguards each project

Our team works in partnership with schools and undertakes:

  • to guarantee that the information gathered by pupils is true,
  • to check that each project is a fair representation of a combatant’s life,
  • to collate all the projects and protect them in a secure digital database,
  • to allow free access to each project.

Foreverhere ensures that our collective memory grows through a valuable digital database

Our ambition is that each child’s project will serve to unite generations.

If you would like more information about how you can help support the project and get involved, please contact us.